Frequently Asked Questions

Is colonic hydrotherapy safe?
It is completely safe for most people but if you have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions treatment may be contraindicated.  Your therapist will take a full history and advise you accordingly. 

Is the treatment painful?
No, you should feel no pain.

How often do I need a colonic?
It depends on your reasons for having the treatment.  Your therapist will be able to give you a better indication after discussing your personal circumstances. 

What should I wear?
You will be provided with disposable gowns and underwear.

Will I be covered up?
Yes.  Your privacy and dignity will be respected and your therapist will show discretion at all times. 

How do I prepare for a treatment?
Treatment works best on an empty stomach.  Please avoid food for 2 hours prior to treatment.  You may drink (not alcohol) but will need to empty your bladder just prior to treatment commencing.

How long does the treatment take?
You will need an initial consultation before your first treatment.  This will take around 15 minutes.  The treatment itself takes between 30-40 minutes and we advise you to relax in the clinic for 5-10 minutes afterwards. 

Can I leave the clinic straight after my treatment?
Yes.  However we advise you to relax in the clinic with a hot drink for 15 minutes after the treatment.

If I have a colonic will it remove friendly intestinal flora from my colon?
Friendly bacteria thrives in a clean colon.  Colonic hydrotherapy cleanses your colon, helping to bring the acid/alkaline ratio back into balance and allowing friendly flora to multiply.  We advise you to take a probiotic after every treatment to encourage this process. 

Can I have treatment while I am menstruating?
Yes, if you feel comfortable.  Please wear a tampon.

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